Social Media has been a boon to this decade as it has made communication easy and has also reduced our boredom. Today be it youngsters, or senior citizens, they have the most powerful and direct connection with the world on social media platforms.

It has become the common interest of people worldwide in connecting with each other and connecting with each other’s beliefs. During this pandemic, most of the time spent is on social media. It has become our free time habit to scroll Instagram and Facebook. 

But do you think that these platforms are adequate for your growth and betterment? Do you think it had impacted your behaviour? What changes in behaviours social media would have, be it positive or negative? Most of us have different beliefs about it. However, Daily usage of social media applications would indeed have some of the other impacts on individual behavior.

However, as per the research of experts, there are numerous positive and negative effects of social media on an individual. Let’s discuss in this article what is the impact of social media on our social behavior.

A common impact of social media Applications on Personal behavior 

Social media application is vast and has a great impact on every individual. Here we study the main impact on industrials behaviour on social media.

  • Using Social media applications effectively adds creative thinking and value to your lifestyle. As content posted on social media has a direct impact on your mind so when you see creative and influencing posts, your mind gets active, and you think more creatively.
  • Active involvement of the individual in using social media applications increases confidence in them and allows them to face rejection and negativity. But at the same time Over usage of social media reduces family personal interaction leading to Unsocial able behaviour. So it should be appropriately balanced to go perfectly. 
  • It allows you to connect with a larger group of people, especially when we talk about the Facebook, Connected India, LinkedIn, and Twitter communities. They have top influences to motivate you and share positive thoughts. They are so vast, but at the same time, there are many on the same platform harassing and abusing the privacy and Self-esteem of a person. This has led to more increases in cyberbullying. But being on this platform, you get a lot of opportunities. 
  • Social Media Applications helps in boosting career growth, general awareness of what is going on in society. You get the more valuable and ground reality. Social media has a vast network that helps an individual in finding jobs, mentors and for any help, you can just seek from social media application. That has been a boon to society today.
  • It builds awareness about the current scenario news and many things, but on the same hand, it also shows some negative information which might have a terrible impact on people, but an individual can control that. Still, it is in the ideals hand what to see and what not to. 


Social media is a combination of multiple contents, visual and interactive things. As per the critical evaluation of social media applications, we have concluded that Social media has a great power to influence the behaviour of a human individual. Effect on our Personal Behaviour entirely depends on how the consumer is using social media.

With the proper usage of Social media applications, one can achieve heights. Seeing people growing encourages others to push themselves for self-betterment. So what are your beliefs on this? Join us in the comments and tell us what you think social media can influence or affect an individual’s behaviour?

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