As the outbreak of COVID-19 has put the world into a lockdown phase, taking various protections for it is also the priority. The first guideline that you all need to follow is the use of hand sanitizers in which alcohol is there. Such sanitizers can help in killing the virus, but it put has an impact on the Jewellery as well. For all these reasons, it is good for you to take care of Jewellery is a good way to keep it away from damage.

Many times, while practicing hygiene and washing hands with sanitizers, people barely remove the ornaments from hand. They apply it over the ornament and move to do their work, but due to the chemicals and alcohols, it can affect the Jewellery in a huge way.

Effects of sanitizers on Jewellery

If you are thinking how to know that your ornaments have already affected or not, then check out for these effects.

  • The ornaments start to less sparkle and shine decreases
  • The effect of brilliance decreases
  • You may find a residue film over the ring
  • The luster of gemstone of the ring get affected
  • You may find a build-up that exists between metalwork and gemstones

So, these are the things that you may get keep an eye to know how the Jewellery gets affected. Now to help you in it, here are the tips that you must all keep in mind while dealing with such sanitizers.

Tips to take care of Jewellery

Open the Jewellery before using sanitizers

As the sanitizers have got alcohol content in it, so it affects the shine and luster of the ornaments. When you are applying any sanitizer over the hand, then the rings, too, get affected and come in contact with it. To avoid the sanitizers’ effect, you all need to remove it or put the sanitizer in a proper manner.

Wash it with warm water

If your rings are already affected by these sanitizers, then you get high chances of developing a filmy residue around the ring. To remove it easily, you need to use warm water on it. In the water, you need to add a few drops of dishwashing soap and let the rings soak it. By rubbing the gems, you can remove it easily.

Clean the gems with an ultrasonic cleaner 

The next thing that you all need to use to clean the gems is the ultrasonic cleaner. It gets rid of things easily, and all the dirt and other things get clear easily. It is mostly used by a professional jeweler for cleaning purposes.

So, these are the different ways your gems can be protected from the hand sanitizers, and you can wear them for a long time as well, some metal like tungsten rings are scratch resistant and titanium rings should be taken care of .

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