Located in  Kasol, Himachal Pradesh kasol kheerganga is marked as an easy level trek. This exciting trek is located at a height of about 2950 m and is a short trek and can be covered within three days. the total distance need to cover during the trek is around 25 km, hence it is an ideal trek for beginners too. This natural paradise is famous for the spellbinding beauty of its hot water spring and a splendid view of the valley and Shiva Temple, Rudra Naag Waterfall. The fresh mountain breezes and the grand mountain landscape will make your mind body and soul relaxed. The beauty of this trek gets glorified with the heart-warming colors of huts and brown and red color of leaves and blue color sky. Here in this article, we are going to discuss things one can do to make one journey to kheerganga a more memorable and exciting experience.

Riverside Camping In Kasol

Riverside camping is one of the best things one can do during the journey to the kasol kheerganga trek. the pristine and untouched beauty of clear sky, hills, and rivers sets this place as one of the best destinations for camping. The Kasol riverside camp is around 3 km from the Kasol bus stand and camping next to the river makes it more tranquil. Night camping with a group of friends and a bonfire can make your trekking a wonderful experience. the famous Parvati river of the valley is considered as one of the perfect destinations for a night camping with a bonfire.

Taking bath and cooking rice in Hot Spring at Manikaran

The hot spring of Manikaran is located 6 km from Kasol and can feature in your list of to-do things in the trekking journey to kasol kheerganga trek. Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh Manikaran is the home to the natural sacred hot springs. Manikaran is located on the Parvati River and is considered sacred according to the mythological beliefs of Hindus and Sikhs. The rice cooked in the hot spring is offered in the gurudwaras as an offering to the gods. 

A bath in this hot springs is going to wash away your tiredness and stress and will make you feel relax. Taking a dip in the hot spring is gonna be one of the best experiences in kasol.

Tasting the Israeli Food

Hey foodies, let your taste buds to taste cuisine full of Israeli food items. Visit the ‘Turquiose Kasol’ and ‘The Evergreen’ to get served an amazing menu of kasol. Kasol is also well known as Mini Israel because of its famous Israeli food cuisine. One can pick food items like Falafel, msabbha, Zatar naan, tahina, Shakshukas, etc from the menu to delight their taste buds. Local food and cafes are also there to delight your taste buds and jollify your mood. One should try some famous mouth-watering combinates in their trekking journey to kasol kheerganga trek.

Trying rice beer

Another exciting one does id trying the famous rice beer of kasol. The delicious taste and absolutely no alcohol content make it a popular drink in kasol. Another famous drink one can try is Langri. Break the rules and enjoy the trip fully with a glass full of rice beers. Cheers with your troop and enjoy!

Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol

Shop like crazy in the streets of kasol and take an extra bag during the return journey. add some of the best collectibles to add to your house, memories, and even your wardrobe with semi-precious stones, t-shirts, woolens, aromatic oils and sheets, rugs, carpets, and many more things you would like to collect as a memory. The best location for shopping is Bhuntar Bazaar Rd, Sainik Chowk, Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh. Every trip is incomplete without shopping.

Visit Moon Dance Café

Visit the moon dance café located in the Main Market Kasol to relish your mouth with some mouth-watering dishes and an amazing view of the mountains and valleys outside.

Chill at Hype Music Festival

Enjoy one of the most popular Hype Music Festival in Kasol. barbeque, bonfire, light effects, and the musical collection by globally renowned DJs create an unforgettable experience and will fill you with the party and happy vibes.

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